Mercury Counter

The ticking clock demands revenge.

“I’d like to report a murder.”

Mercury Counter is an electronic album based on the 1950 noir film D.O.A. starring Edmond O’Brien. Mercury Counter reinterprets the classic tale of revenge and impending doom with modern, electronic style and samples from D.O.A. With luscious synths and addictive rhythms, Mercury Counter rebuilds San Francisco and Los Angeles as glimmering, futuristic cities of flying cars, mutant dive bars, and electric slums. By reimagining D.O.A. as a futuristic tale of revenge, Mercury Counter follows Bigelow from poisoning to mutation to revenge and to his ultimate fate. Mercury Counter also contains samples from the original D.O.A. movie, which has since entered the public domain.

Production of Mercury Counter was made possible by a wonderful group of Kickstarter backers. Their contributions allowed the album to be mastered professionally and released under Creative Commons. A run of merchandise was also manufactured as rewards.


Jackie Hern, Patrick Kohn, Shane Rosenkrantz, Greg Vondra, Roberto Villegas, Petey Rave, CombatReadyCat, Chimaera, Bill Meeks, Drunk Kid Curley Fartbox McButter Ball, Drewsipher, Sean M., Mike P. Kennedy, Tondagossa, Steve Valentine, Electricgears, Dan Mead, Robodashy, Richard Newby, <>, Baaabcat, Edgeymon, Yamix, Lil Drammer Boy, Ian “9th_sage” Chamberlin, Chad Carius, Theo Leiss, Dragavan, Blas4me, Nick Wellman, Jessy “JAG1” G., Steve Day, John Fielding, Gary Swinsburg Jr., Mooncat, @JonasEchoes, Sunny “@Sunbun” G., Kristen Anne Wargo, Slater J., &ily, Werkware, Alby, Jeff Sax, Orson Urizar, Aaron Righter, Andrew Loscher


Mercury Counter
Written and produced by NESH COMPLEX
Contains samples from “D.O.A.”
Mastered by Tarekith at Inner Portal Studios
Cover and merchandise design by Olav “Cellusious” Larsen
Booklet layout and logo by Bryce Castillo
Released on Crystal Shadow Music, catalogue numbers CSMD-001 (digital) and CSMCD-001 (CD)

Mercury Counter is available for use under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0. Feel free to reuse, remix, and share.

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