Want to use NESH COMPLEX music?

It’s easier than you think!

Creative Commons

We’ve all been there.

Maybe you need a song for a video or podcast or something to remix. Whatever your needs, NESH COMPLEX music is an option—often for free!

Most NESH COMPLEX music is already distributed under Creative Commons.

Consult each track’s individual SoundCloud description for specific Creative Commons license. If you can follow that license without issue, you are free to do so. (But send me an email if you use anything!)

If you do not find an explicit Creative Commons designation, it is not Creative Commons.

There are many reasons a NESH COMPLEX track wouldn’t be Creative Commons. Maybe a track is simply an early demo. Maybe a track has been made available only for feedback. For whatever reason, if a CC license isn’t listed, you can’t use the track without consent. Sorry, bruh.

Additional Rights for Streamers

Streaming is stressful enough.

Often, you’ve got to juggle a chatroom, guests, audio and video output, and bandwidth—all while being entertaining. As streaming grows in popularity, the need for music beds that won’t trip automated content scans is just one more thing to juggle. NESH COMPLEX music is here to ease your burden.

If you livestream, you can probably play NESH COMPLEX music.

Livestreams and unedited stream archives are free to play NESH COMPLEX music in part or in whole. That means you can throw any NESH COMPLEX music that is publicly available on your Twitch channel or YouTube show.

But how do you attribute it?

Because of the ephemerality of livestreams, there’s no meaningful way to police attribution. Please try to mention NESH COMPLEX or www.NESHCOMPLEX.com if you get the chance. So long as you aren’t claiming the music as your own, you’ll be fine. A “Now Playing” module/graphic works too.

But it’s not carte blanche.

Livestreams that solely exist to play music (like—but not exclusively—radio station music blocks) are not eligible. Livestreams that require payment to watch live or on-demand are not eligible. Livestream archives that are presented unedited for free are eligible. [updated] Podcasts, Let’s Plays, and their recording sessions are no longer excluded!

Want to use a track, but can’t qualify for the above?


Know what you’re going to use the track for. Figure out what you want and how you’ll use it.


Email me. NESHCOMPLEX@ll-dd.co is the address. I don’t bite.


Follow any stipulations. Most licenses I give out require written, clickable, or in-content credits.